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Welcome to my web site. This site has a bit of everything, but it is primarily about my oil paintings and creative services I have to offer.

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The "gallery" is where you can look at my paintings, many of the mountainous Big Bend region in West Texas. I have also begun adding some of the paintings I did over twenty years ago, such as the deer on the second page of the gallery. Fine art giclée prints, cups and calendars are available for some of my paintings, because the originals have all sold.

Not only does the "About" area contain a brief biography and artist's statement, but it also includes some of the genealogy of my family. The artist's statement is a work in progress. An artist's statement is basically a statement about how an artist feels about his work and what motivates him. It is very personal, and my feelings run deep in this area, which makes it difficult for me to reduce it to mere words. That is precisely why I paint - it expresses something in me that there are no words for. That is why The Statement is not finished.

This website is a place for me to share my oil paintings of landscapes, seascapes and animals. Most of the art is inspired from the desert of west Texas and is painted representationally. I hope you enjoy it.

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