This document is in the typeface (or font) of FootLight. Unless you have this font installed on your computer, you will not be able to see this page as it is intended to be seen. So, I am offering you the great opportunity to acquire some of my favorite fonts. You can use them in letters, emails and (yippee!) to view my pages.

Click on the fonts below to install them on your computer. Be sure and SAVE them to your c:\windows\fonts directory. Then, revisit my web pages and see if there's a difference. If not, you may have to reboot your computer for it to recognize them. For some pages, I still use the default Windows fonts, but there are some that I don't.

Update: I have since learned to embed fonts, so if you are using Internet Explorer you should be able to see the fonts anyway.

picture of several different fonts Amienne Bazooka Black Chancery Brandywine Caffe Latte Champagne Chilled Chopin Script Chorizo Christmas Dobkin English Script Footlight Garden Display Caps Garamond Heavy Heap Honey Script Hultog Snowdrift Jester Lansbury National Primary Noodle Script Nuncio Oakwood Old London Print Clearly Rocket Script Presidential Santa's Sleigh Full Shardee Solemnity StageCoach Steiner Light Stonehenge University Roman fonts

There is one that I left off, it's called Amazone BT. It's a very nice font, and very popular.

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