Outing to Alms Park

This is an old home movie of a trip taken to Alms Park, Cincinnati, in 1945. Grandpa took Mom and her brothers Bill, Dave and Paul. Bill was 15, Dave 13 and Paul 11. John and Joe, the twins, can be seen around the car in the first scene. Mom was only nine years old. She recalls that they went up to the park to view the swollen Ohio River.

In case you're wondering, the car is a 1942 Pontiac Torpedo. It was a blackout model, and therefore had no chrome, which was needed for the war.

From the Cincinnati Enquirer's web page on historic floods:

March 7, 1945: 69.2 feet -- The Mill Creek barrier dam failed, sending Ohio River water up the already flooded valley. Northern Kentucky counted 12,000 people homeless. Portsmouth fought a losing battle to erect a levee.

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