When we first moved up to Vancouver, Washington, we couldn't find any stores that sold Yoo Hoo's, or at least had them in stock. Assuming that they weren't available up in these parts, we resigned ourselves to doing without. That is, until we happened upon the Chevron store up in Government Camp, Oregon, a few months later. There, on the shelves, were the elusive chocolate drinks. So, we bought the entire stock and they were the best tasting Yoo Hoo's we'd ever had! A couple of years later, my father was up visiting from Texas, and we took him sight-seeing, and of course - up to Government Camp to get those Yoo Hoo's. After he went back home, when he would call he would ask if we'd gone up to Government Camp to get any Yoo Hoo's lately. Thus, to us, Government Camp became the unofficial home of Yoo Hoo's.

This is our reason for taking the whole vacation - to go up to Government Camp and get some Yoo-Hoos! Not really, that's just what we said - we have to go to Oregon to get some Yoo Hoo's at Goverment Camp. Anyway, after getting the famous beverages, we went on up to spend some quiet time just hanging out at Trillium Lake, on Mt. Hood. We were the only people there, and all we could hear was the wind. It was really relaxing. There's some really nice footage and information about Mt. Hood and its glaciers in this little 8 minute video.

Hope you enjoy it!

alt : Mt. Hood and Trillium Lake Video

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