Privacy Policy

I hate spam, I really, really, hate it. I think companies and individuals who engage in such marketing practices ought to be cordoned off and forced to exist in their own dark porn and spam infested remote section of the Internet, cut off from the rest of us. There, all their spam would disappear before it could make it out of the dark hole, so they would be left with no one to spam but themselves.

I will protect your email address as if it is my own, and will not share or divulge it with anyone for any reason under any circumstances except law enforcement and then under pain of subpoena.

I don't have a newsletter, and probably won't. If you want to know what's changed or is happening with my art, please check this site for updates. If I ever do decide to have some sort of a newsletter, I would ask you if you wanted it before sending it out.

That's it. There's nothing more I can say about the matter, unless you want to read a big rant on the subject, which one day I'll probably post on my blog. But not now; I'm too busy with other stuff.

Spam in a can not in your mail!

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