Smilies and Emoticons

This page may take a while to load because there are over a hundred animated gifs here. There are no ads or popups.

These are smilies and little graphics I have saved over the course of my travels on the Internet, and I'm happy to share them with you.

Please DO NOT HOTLINK!  Hotlinking is posting a link to an image residing on another person's website, so that the image will display on your page, but it actually lives on another's site and uses their bandwidth. Doing this is rude, crude and socially unacceptable and could result in a very embarassing situation for you if the image is changed to something you weren't expecting.

If you see one or more you like, just right-click on it and choose "Save As" (or something similar) to save to your computer. Just remember where you save it! I put mine in a folder in "My Documents" called \my pictures\clipart and graphics\smilies. For an illustration, click here.

Beavis and Butthead Cartman Calvin Chesire Cat Banana Copycat
smile big grin wave tip hat ahoy extra happy
two thumbs up big hug beer beer blow kiss boogie bounce
below blink breakfast boo bow chew
blah blah blah bleh buried bored dunno excited
cries crying extra happy eye popping fart flirty
dance deal frustrated high five hand shake give flowers
jumping hungry beating a dead horse hugs confused hump
idea jaw dropping juggling laugh lips are sealed lmao
lonely love meditate moving on Mr. Green nerner
no no no oh my gosh stay on topic! paranoid patting
pissed off please Oops! poke plotting puke
questionable rain cloud razz embarrassed roll eyes rotfl
sarcastic clap shake fist shit hits the fan Shhh slap spammer
tantrum tears sprint spank faint stupid me
tux w00t stereo whew! whisper whistle
wink winky treadmill love yawn yawn and stretch
yucky finger TV two cents clap you're crazy
applause bash sending flowers swat bug giggle flutist
I'm shocked! good night! big baby slam! I surrender sherlock - get a clue
feeding the birds Santa's Sleigh Happy Birthday Jack-o-Lantern Leprechan Santa
Disgust Christmas Lights Cow Help Me Lurking Birthday
Bong BS Flag BS Cop Drunks Drool
Cold Ice Cube Crazy Dope Hair raising Hyper Heartbreak
Canadian Polar Bear Dodo bird dolt dork dilemna Love Bears Giggle Boogie Worm
Star Mail Tiger Ghost Stinky fish Rainbow Smiley Sigh
Grill Smiley 4th of July Group Hug sax jazz Get Well Soon! Congratulations! Painting
Goodnight Fart Smiley heart Bugs Bunny Danicing Pumpkins Pumpkin
Frosty the Snowman Fly Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Advent Candles Black Cat Huh?
Cloud Up and Rain on You Smile LMAO Happy Anniversary laughy Hothead
Puke Newbie No BS Puke shocked Barf!
Shame Yuck Puppy with Headphones Big Crybaby Bats Eyelashes Hair raising

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